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Chad Kroeger | Canada

"I´ve been dining at Nick-San for over 14 years and the experience just keeps getting better! The friendly staff, amazing food, and incredible ambience will keep me coming back every time."

Stephanie & Michael Baldwin

"My husband Michael and I are big fans of Nick-San’s Japanese-Mexican fusion style cuisine. Chef Carbajal’s unique spin on Japanese sushi paired with local fresh ingredients makes it a must while in Los Cabos. Besides the fantastic food they also have top notch service. Our favorite server Jesus always takes great care of us. World class food and service, makes it one of our favorite restaurant establishments. We recommend NickSan’s  restaurants to our friends and also on our Los Cabos lifestyle website. Stephanie & Michael Baldwin"

Jeremiah Tower | Star chef USA

"Nicksan in Cabo San Lucas: One of the best restaurant evenings and meals of my life, and it has been long enough so far to make a thousands of restaurants all over the world. Angel is a genius and a master of touch and taste."

Pilar Mansfield | Colombia/Los Cabos

"I’m Pilar Mansfield who loves and enjoys the fantastic and delicious food  at Nick-san restaurant. For the last 25 years I have celebrated many...many family events! My family and friends  we practically go  to lunch or dinner as often as Four or five times a week!! My  daughters and their friends from different countries of the world have always appreciated the magnificent food and service at Nick-san!! It’s our favorite restaurant!!! Thank you Nick-san for being so wonderful and an important place in the culinary world !!! Nick-san The best restaurant !!! Nick-san the best  and freshest food!! We love it!!"

Ed Peterson | Chicago

"Pat and I, and all of our family, as well as our Friends, love Nicksan. Great food, wonderful service and a very comfortable atmosphere. It is my most favorite restaurant in Cabo."

Mathieu Fiol Lier | París

"From the first time I tasted Nick-san dishes, I fell  in love with their food and creativity! no doubt is my favorite restaurant, and not only because it is a family place and it’s their owners Angel and Carmen that are always there for their friends and clients, along with their brothers and sisters, they do a family work that has excellent service and quality and offers a different style of Japanese cuisine.  I particularly like Edy’s (one of the Carbajal bothers) work, he is careful, creative and a great chef! He always exceeds my expectations and threats me as an important guest!  I highly recommend Nick San and their entire team 🙂 "

Jacobo Turquie | Los Cabos

"Those who have truly experienced Los Cabos, must have gone to NICK-SAN!  For me, one of the best run Restaurants I have known since I first visited in 1997 when I moved to Cabo. Innovative, consistent and always an avant-garde when it comes to Sushi and Japanese/Mexican flair.  As time went by, I get to know the soul of the Restaurant, Chef Angel Carbajal. A person I can call “my friend”. I have shared with him incredible experiences over the years such as Golf rounds, Fishing trips, Food & Wine trips around the World (Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, California (Napa Valley, Sonoma and other wine regions), Mexico’s Guadalupe Valley and Parras, Coahuila among other places. We have worked together in various projects and Events, we have shared time in and outside the Kitchen and private Homes as well.  All I can say of him is that he is a “Magnificent Human Being” in all senses.  I have also shared incredible and enriching moments with Carmen Carbajal (Angel’s sister), which is the core of the Business for the Group. Another key element for the impeccable Nick-San Group success and reputation. Pretty much the entire Family runs the same Values and Vision which makes it a flawless operation. BIG kudos to all that have made this Iconic Restaurant a true CABO jewel!"

John Pentz | California/Los Cabos

"It is my pleasure to share my experiences with others.  I first visited Los Cabos in 1980 and fell in love with the beauty, fishing and food of the area.  Being a boat owner in the Cabo marina and loving sushi, I soon found Angel, Carmen and the incredible tastes of sushi they provide to all their customers of Nick-San.  I shared with friends that one of the best sushi restaurants in the world is located right here in Los Cabos and they didn't believe it until they found out for themselves that it is true.  Developing a quality, high end shopping center like The Shoppes at Palmilla needed the best restaurants and stores in all of Los Cabos and Mexico.  Angel was one of the first people I contacted, and we are proud to have him and Carmen here serving the residents and visitors of San Jose del Cabo.  Carmen's attention to detail and service minded attitude makes the Nick-San here fabulous.  A few years later, I also met Juan Carbajal who proudly serves as our Fire Chief and volunteers his time to help and serve people here while also saving lives.  While he is not involved in the restaurants, he is another amazing member of the Carbajal family.  My best memories of the Carbajal's are always sharing laughs with them.  They love life, their families and their friends. We are all blessed to have them in our community and the food they serve is internationally known and respected.   Felicidades and Best Wishes. JP"

Alessandro de Rossi | Verona Italia

"Conozco la marca Nick-san desde hace 16 años y siempre lo he considerado el top de las ofertas gastronómicas de Los Cabos. Desde el principio hasta ahora nunca me ha decepcionado en cuanto servicio, calidad de los ingredientes y sobre todo en cuanto a la capacidad de construir recetas, las cuales a través de la sabiduría la elegancia y la arte de mezclar la cocina tradicional japonesa con ingredientes mexicanos de excelencia de su chef executivo Ángel Carbajal transforman cada visita en cualquier de su restaurantes, en una experiencia inolvidable, cada vez y siempre más. En los últimos 10 años he frecuentado casi exclusivamente el restaurante Nick-san de Palmilla que se diferencia un poco del de Cabo San Lucas en cuanto sobre todo a la tipología de los clientes, siendo ubicado en un área residencial de lujo y no de paseo. Allí hay un toque más elegante, tiempos menos apretados y la presencia de Carmen Carbajal... que más querer??"


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