Sushi, tempura, vegetarian. Cabo Japanese Food

The menu features local and sustainable ingredients, items vary seasonally to comply with bans on species. Chef Carbajal’s commitment to offering the best is reflected in the daily selections offered at the restaurants.

From locally sourced fresh fish and seafood, to sustainably-raised varieties and imported products sourced through socially-responsible vendors. Everything at Nicksan is part of the “Honest Food” philosophy and commitment to the environment that guides the daily operation of the restaurants.

While Nicksan has been ahead of the trend many a time, as in; we were using avocado before if became a fad, its kitchen continues to evolve and cater to all dietary restrictions. There are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options. Also, if sushi is not your thing, there are beef and chicken dishes that feature the delicious flavor combinations that define the Nicksan cuisine.

Go beyond the established menu and further enhance your experience by asking your server for the catch of the day.


If you want a one-of-a-kind dinner; let the talent behind the bar guide you through a culinary journey with the Nicksan style “Omakase” experience.

The Japanese word “Omakase” translates into “I leave it up to you”. It is a long-standing tradition that lets the Chef know that you are ready for something special. It gives the Chef creative freedom and you are certain to enjoy a memorable dining experience.

Browse the menu and let your taste guide you with our all-time favorites!

Only at Nicksan you will find this delicate balance between traditional Japanese cuisine and the original flavors of Mexico. Join us and experience why Nicksan is and artform that goes well beyond sushi.

Make a reservation to satisfy your taste buds.


Bluefin Tuna (Toro)
Bluefin as regular Sushi or Sashimi

Spicy Tuna Cake

Maguro Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna

Sea Bass

Red Snapper

Japansese Yellowtail (imported)


Smoked Salmon (Alaska)

Fresh Salmon (Norway)

Octopus (Japan)

Squid (Japan)



Spanish Mackerel (season)

Salmon egg (Canada)

Smelt Egg (Japan)

Sweet Egg Omelette



Scallops (Japan)

Moon Scallops

Surf Clam (Japan)

Freshwater Eel (Japan)

Makis & Temakis

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

Salmon Skin Hand Roll

Eel Hand Roll

Kappa Maki

Vegetable Roll

Tekka (Tuna) Roll

California Roll

California Special Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Special Rolls

Spicy Special Roll

Eel Special Roll (Japan)

Sake Lemon Roll

Maguro Lime Roll

Rainbow Roll

Philadelphia Rool

Shiromi Coriander Roll

Japengo Spicy Roll


Green Salad
Mixed organic greens with sesame seed dressing

Sashimi Salad
Seasonal mixed leaves, 4 oz of tuna and sea bass slices with sesame dressing

Curried Sashimi Salad
Gourmet mixed green, 4 oz og thin slices of white fish, roasted garlic, soy dressing and curry oil

Seafood Salad
Assorted local lettuce with 5 oz of mix sea food (tuna, sea bass, clam, crab shrimp, baby squid and octopus)

Chicken Salad
Mixed Vegetables, with 5.5 oz of grilled chicken, deep-fried rice noodles with a sesame soy dressing

3.5 oz of select slices of one of today finest fresh fish

Octopus or Shrimp Sunomono
1.5 oz of octopus or shrimp with cucumber and makame in vinegar rice

Kumamoto Oyster
Six oysters on the shell with a touch of picy miso sauce

Chili Age
California chile stuffed with 1.5 oz spicy crab and sesame sauce

Sushi & Sashimi

Chirashi Sushi
5 oz variety of select fresh fish and seafood on a bed of sushi rice

Tekka Don
5 oz slices of fresh slices of fresh tuna


Grilled to perfection and served with teriyaki sauce (Served with pasta & vegetables)
Chicken 12 oz  – Sea Bass 8 oz – Beef Filet 8 oz

Pan-Fried Spicy Fish
8 oz fillets of white fish cooked in a casserole dish with spicy Cajun sauce (served with pasta & vegetables


Combination of seafood with or without vegetables served with our special soya and mirin sauce


Mixed Shrimp and Vegetables (4 oz of shrimp)

Shrimp 7 oz

Lobster and Vegetables (5 oz Fresh Lobster)

Fish Kara-Age
8 oz of deep-fried fish with ponzu sauce and sweet sake


House Specialities

Tuna Tostada
1.2 oz Pacific Ocean yellowfin tuna belly, served on a rice cracker tostada, with sliced avocado, habanero, infused red onion and sesame seeds

Home-Made Gyozas
Stuffed with 2 oz of scallops and 2 oz of shrimp sauteed with garlic and finished with a tasty serranito soy sauce

Japanese Yellowtail Sashimi
3 oz sliced imported yellowtail with a ribbon of curry oil and ponzu sauce, roasted garlic chips

Sashimi Cilantro
Choice slices 4 oz of fresh fish, seared with olive oil and green tea salt, served on our unique cilantro sauce with a ribbon of spicy chile oil and sliced avocado

Sashimi Serranito
Slices of today’s 4 oz fresh catch with serrano chile pepper sauce, decorated with thin slices of serrano chile

Tuna Black and White Sashimi
4 oz of tuna filet seared with olive oil, black & white sesame seeds, chopped red onion, chives and ponzu sauce

Salmon Yuzu
Thin slices 4 oz of fresh salmon, stuffed with crab, avocado, spicy mayonnaise, with yuzu dressing

Spicy Hand Roll
(1 oz of stone crab or 1 oz of lobster)
Avocado, cilantro gourmet mixed greens, masago, chives, all wrapped in soy bean paper

Clear Lobster Roll
(1.5 os of stone crab or 1.5 of lobster)
Lobster tempura inside mixed greens, avocado, mango and cilantro, wrapped in soy bean paper and server on a mustar sauce and curry oil souce.
The stone crab is served with miso spicy sauce

Kara-Age Soft Shell Spicy Crab
3 oz deep fried soft shell crab sauteed with chives, serrano chile and light soy sauce, served warm

Misoyaki Fish
8 oz grilled filet and covered with a sauce of spicy miso and fresh mushrooms accompanied with steamed rice

Uji green tea pasta with 3.5 oz of sauteed shrimp, green curry, lemon grass and ginger

Baked Scallops
6 oz of scallops with fresh mushrooms, baked in a mango sauce and gratinated

Dynamite Scallops
6oz baked sea of cortez scallops and 1.5 oz of stone crab meat mixed with white mushrooms, masago and spicy mayonnaise


Lobster Curry
8 oz of fried lobster (kara-age) in a creamy curry and sesame sauce with shiitake, habanero and chives

Lobster Sambal
8 oz of marinated in sake, soy sauce, ginger and garlic, and bathed in a sauce of sweet and sour chiles, green onion and sesame oil

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