Ángel Carbajal

Intrepid, enthusiastic, visionary and creative are the qualities of our genuine chef, which have made his name, an icon in the cuisine of Los Cabos. In the past 22 years ago.
His love for water sports and fishing practice allowed him to appreciate the amazing richness of the Sea of Cortez. quality and variety of seafood found in the Sea of Cortez. Turning the freshness of these products into true works of culinary art in his hands.
In 1986 he met Masayuki Niikura, a renowned Japanese chef based in Los Angeles since then, they maintained a great friendship, he was the person that discovered Angel talent.


Japanese Cuisine

Nick-san has been known over time for conserving its classics sauces, furthermore it continuously innovates in the presentation of these.



If you need to request a reservation for more than 10 people, please do send us an email with your information to reservation@nicksan.com Thank you.